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ahh interesting, Arabic Thought In the Liberal Age, 1798-1939 by Albert Hourani.

Well I never, I have his history of the arabs, but never read it. I'll have to pick up that one (oh and I had to avoid putting in the 20 other history type books I dipped into), good idea about understanding the whole jihad stuff, very important.

Have you try librarything yet?


I fear librarything! We had 6,000 when we moved a few years ago, I have no idea how many more now. I think a cataloging project would swallow me whole. (Mr. Bell Jar makes noises every now and then about trying it anyway, though.)

I highly recommend Hourani's history of the Arabs, I found it a very readable overview of a pretty big double helping of history.

Bruno Mota

Getrude, pleeease keep the coments open, and please post more ;-). I've been watching this space since forever.


Well, maybe I'll leave the comments open for the next few entries and see how it goes.

When that will be, no man can say! I'd like to try to get caught up on book reviews pretty soon, though ...

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