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Mike S.

Funny-- for some reason, I was recently remembering the scene in the movie Gandhi where in response to rising anger in his allies against the Muslim League he shouts "I am a Muslim! And a Hindu! And a Christian! And a Jew!" To which I mentally reply, "Ah, no-- at least not according to your 'co-religionists' in three out of the four."

Cf. the wedding between a Hindu and a Catholic I attended some years back, where the sacrifices at the Hindu ceremony included some to the Christian God. I don't know if the Catholic priest had stayed for that part of the ceremony (I'm guessing not), but I somehow suspect that wouldn't have exactly mollified any religious discomfort he might have felt.

Bruno Mota

It boggles the mind the number of speeches, movies, newspaper articles and whatnot that could be construed as equaly or more offensive than the Pope's remarks, that come out evey day. If they want, Islamists (or any likemided group of munchkins) can live in a perpetual state of righteous outrage.

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